Happy New Year! 2012

The year 2011 has finally come to an end, and part of me couldn't be happier. Not that I had a bad year, a lot of good things happened to me and my family, but I definitely could have had a better one. This year I don't plan on making resolutions I make every year and two months in not follow them. This year I am starting a little different. I am gonna carefully write down my resolutions, print them, and frame them. I'm gonna keep that on my night stand, that way when I go to bed I remind myself of what I want, and when I wake up, I work on them. Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful and glamorous New Year! Make the best out of it and never forget what you want. Cheers to 2012!!

[little sister <3]

[Gorgeous older sister]

[Amazing dessert table!]

[champagne for midnight!]

[Mexican Pozole, our last 2011 dinner]

[my babies!]


  1. Happy 2012!!! Those desserts look so YUMMMMMM!!!!

    Love your shoes too! :) xx

  2. Happy new year :) ! HOW AWESOME ARE YOU SHOES?! Looks like a very nice party :) !

  3. Have a better year! I love these pics with sparklers - they look so cool! Check out my first outfit and tell me if you like it, please: www.violinstyle.blogspot.com

  4. Wow! Those blue shoes are amazing! Looks like you guys had fun :-) xoxoxo

  5. those blue shoes!!! i love the color!

    and i love those sparkler things too! i don't think i've seen them around since i was about 10 though...


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    All the best!




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