Marshellys Pop Up Shop

I've known my dear friend Sherlly since the 6th grade. Funny thing is that we were never friends until two years ago. I turned to her for a familiar face when I left everything to move to NYC. She was well established here and was a good shoulder to lean on. We are now closer than ever!


Textured Hair Don't Care

I love big hair. Not Southern Belle big, but Diana Ross big. I like hair with a little oomph, a little body, and lots of attitude. Unfortunately not everyone is born with naturally awesome hair, maybe just Alexa Chung. She was just born cool.


What I've been up to...

I have been a little MIA, due to work keeping me busy, and having a full agenda of activities. Easiest way to sum it up is to show you my Instagrams!


On a Queens Rooftop

The weather has been really enjoyable in New York lately, which led me plan a lovely brunch on my rooftop with my girlfriends.


Pop Up Mob

This past week and half have been so hazy. Work has kept me occupied to no believe, hence the lack of blogging. BUT, there is always time, you just have to plan, plan, plan, and I guess coordinate well.


Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps #idontdiet

I have always had a deep love for food. I love cooking it, and I love to eat it even more. I am not one of those fortunate girls that gets to eat all the pizza and doughnuts and still go about life looking skinny. But I also am not a dieter. I don't diet. I just don't. The word itself has the word "die" in it.


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