Weekend Good Eats

My weekend was a foodie's dream come true, since all I really did was  eat and drink on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My Friday night started with a simple and cheap burger from The Corner Bistro a tiny restaurant with quite the buzz. The menu is very simple, in fact, they don't even have menus, they have one on the wall and that's all you get. I had the Bistro Burger (not pictured) and I don't know if it was because I was starving, but the burger tasted like heaven. There is no wow factor about the place really, they serve you the food in paper plates, but the place was tiny and cozy, perfect for the younger crowd. Saturday I met up with an old friend from high school, Sherlly from Ecualombian at the Breslin. Sherlly had mentioned that they had the best lamb burger in town, so with out hesitation I agreed to lunch there. Well she was right, it's probably the juiciest lamb burger I have tried in a while (second picture). The bread was fantastic as well, and well the thrice fried fries were out of this world. Aside from the food, the service was great as well. The restaurant is adjacent to The Ace hotel which is also a very nice place to go on weekend nights. Sunday finally rolled around and we did the things New Yorkers do so well, have brunch. A group of us decided to meet at 12:30 at Yotel for brunch. This has to be the funkiest and modern hotel I have ever been to. It has such a hip and young environment. Their brunch was fantastic! We ate a day's worth of food in less than two hours. I recommend the sweet chili bacon, their cod sliders, the meatballs, the chilaquiles, and crab wontons (all pictured above). I also enjoyed their spicy tuna, and disco fries. Oh and for dessert we had this delicious pineapple french toast. All of this food plus 12 more platters went down easily with the help of some mimosas and sangria.
I guess this weekend I ate a week's worth of food, but I was nothing more than happy, and maybe a little over stuffed. Going to all these Delicious places also made me realize one thing, the food will taste twice as good if you have good company. And I did. This weekend overall was fantastic.

xx, Andee

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Out & About

Today was a fantastic day for me in the city. I had an interview with a company I would absolutely would love to work for, and if you ask me, I think I kicked ass. After my interview I was feeling a little artsy and took a train to the MoMa. I love it there. The galleries I saw were fantastic, I liked them so much better than last year's, I snapped tons of pictures of the art but I didn't feel like sitting 3 hours on instagram on my phone. But the one artist that struck me the most was Philip-Lorca diCorcia his photography was stunning., unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the pictures. After my visit to the Museum of Modern Art, I took a stroll down the busy 5th Avenue, an drooled at all the window displays, especially Louis Vuitton's. During my walk I almost felt obligated to stop and buy a delicious falafel on pita.
To finish off my adventurous day, my roommate invited me to have dinner with her friends. We went to a Japanese American Pub. A new concept for me, since usually at Japanese restaurants I get sushi, because it is the greatest thing in the gastronomy world.  But the focus of the menu was on their ramen noodles. When you mention ramen to me I picture the 65 cent ramen noodles you get whe you're in college. But these were made from scratch, and had all these scrumptious things added to it. It was so delicious and full of flavour, definitely not your college-budget ramen. It was a great evening, and to finish it, as I left the restaurant I looked up to see the beautifully lit Empire State Building shining against the barely dark sky. Picture perfect.

xx, Andee


Welcome to New York

[1- View from the taxi. 2- Turkey burger from Harlem Tavern. 3- Times Square. 4-Wall Street view]

As many of you may know, July 14th was a huge day for me. July 14th was the day I arrived to New York City, as a permanent resident. I had been wanting to live in New York since I first came to visit with my parents for my 15th birthday, and now at my 22 young years, I am finally here. I kept waiting for an opportunity to fall at my feet, weather it was school, an internship or a job. But none of that came knocking at my door, so I decided to take a leap of faith, and just pack my bags and move to great New York.
It has been four days since my arrival to the hot hot city, and I don't believe I belong anywhere more than I do here. There is a presence in the hot air that tells me that I'm right where I belong. Things are just starting to happen. Maybe it's the fact that every time I put my iPod on Shuffle mode, Frank Sinatra's New York, New York come on within the first ten songs, or maybe it's the fact that I got a phone call after applying to one of my dream company's for a interview. I don't know exactly what it is yet but I know I'm in the right place.
Things for me can only go up from here, and once I'm settled with a job, I'll get my own place and eventually I'll get the Boston Terrier I've been wanting to get. I am just so happy to be here, I cannot wait to see what the universe has in store for me.

xx, Andee


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