Christmas Creativity

So I have been very absent from my blog for the past week, I know, but I took a nice break from my computer, and it felt so good. I love the Internet and being on my laptop, but I felt like i was spending so much time on my computer and not enough time outside. I decided not to turn on my laptop for about 4 days and just relax and do different things. It was well worth it since I went shopping and hung out with my friends. I also baked cookies with my mom and sisters and that was great too. A little time off from your regular life is always a good idea, specially to finish off the year. Anyway, I decided to get creative this year and wrap my gifts a little differently and make them more my own rather than using the same wrapping paper my whole family used. I bought red yarn with gold specs, and a green glittery ribbon, and used news paper to wrap my gifts and they look great! Each gift has a different way of being wrapped. I love them :). Also I bought my feet the best Christmas present ever! I got the most amazing teal peep toe pumps from Steve Madden, and well I'm obsessed. Happy holidays everyone :)


French Mime

Friday night was an amazing day to say the least, I took my last final (I got a 90!) then it was time for ladies night out with my Mom and older sister. Our night started with cocktails and dinner at Bayside, followed b the most amazing concert, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. If you don't know about them, look them up on YouTube, great music for the holidays! Well here is what I wore Friday, I felt like a French mime with it on, but I loved it, it was super comfortable!

-Shorts & sweater: Forever21
-Hat: H&M
-Flats: Nine West


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