Istagram Week

[Me at Ferrara. Ferrara treats. Argo Tea]

[Boqueria tapas and dessert]

[Boqueria. Meat packing district street art. View from the Standard. Monument]

Although I have been MIA this past week is all in good intentions. I have been busy during the week going to interviews and job hunting. I have also been exploring the city  and enjoying its land marks to the fullest. This past weekend was (again) filled with delicious eats. A recommendation I make to everyone is Ferrara in Little Italy. Ferrara is the oldest espresso bar, it has been opened since 1892!! There you cane get delicious dessert treats and espresso drinks, a definite must if you come to the City. I also went to The Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room. My what a gorgeous place to go to! It is a bar that faces the Hudson River as well as the rest of the city, I recommend you go when the sun is about to set, so you take in the beauty of New York City. There was a great Jazz band playing, with a tap dancer! Sunday was shopping day (sadly not for me, considering I have no income yet) and after a long day of walking down rivers of tourists on 5th avenue and down Broadway, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We stopped for brunch at Boqueria, a small and cozy Spanish tapas restaurant. The plates are small but my are they delicious. They have a wide variety of tapas I recommend you try them all!! I hope that soon I am able to get a job in order to have a little extra money to explore the city and go shopping!!

xx, Andee*



  1. Your insta pics look really interesting :)
    Im going to find you and follow! haha




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